Mummy can we go to the park?

As a mum of three (6 years, 23 months, 10 months), I spend time planning activities for us all to do during the weekend, the school holidays and even during school hours for my youngest two. We don’t spend a fortune as we do have a tight budget, but we do budget £20 a month to enjoy on an activity or a few small ones. We also this year saved for Merlin passes which we used so much over the summer. But ask my children any day of the week what they WANT to do and the always say ‘Mummy can we go to the park?’.


It’s funny as even when we take a trip to somewhere for example a castle or an aquarium, the first thing my 6 year old will say is ‘Is there a park?’. If you also ask him what was the best part of today he will say ‘THE PARK’.


I just think it is worth remembering, as it really shows you don’t need money to make your children happy. You don’t need theme parks, aquariums or cinemas to make them happy, don’t get me wrong it will not stop me planning fun and educational trips where I can but I certainly won’t feel guilty if I don’t. As I know I am about to put on my coat and boots and head out the door to watch my children smile come rain or shine.




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