Which are the best Vacuums for Laminate Floors?

    • Laminate flooring :: The factors for removing laminate floors can vary from owner to owner. Many people have PT for laminate floor just because they do not have to deal with various types of flooring for those bathroom, kitchen, toilet and living room. Laminate flooring makes the whole process a step simple. It is very easy to install laminate wood floor, you will not need to make the contractor high, most floor floating floors and glue is not require . Whether you decide on the actual wooden bamboo floor or laminate, you are making a great choice for your home for extra value and comfort.

    It does not matter whether it is a big balcony or the one which is just a square meter – gender is very important. There are two ways to choose it. In the first case, it can be as invisible as possible, and “invisible”, the second option is a specific floor, the most important element will appear and become, but the main tasks are always durable.

    • Precautions:: It is resistant to the scars, sunlight and scratches of a lot of time and it is very easy to keep them. This is an excellent option for homeowners who is   looking for easy installs, affordable and sustainable options. With all the flooring, it does not handle standing water very well and should be avoided. Ideal laminate flooring may cost a bit more, but still, it will be worth it for a very long time. It’s easy to set yourself up, which is a great way to save money on your new floor.
    • Features::Laying a layer of waterproofing film . Next is the insulating material. Its thickness depends on the height of the projected floor. . All this is filled with cement mortar.
    • Maintance:: In a vacuum the floor is not present, although a vacuum can be a great way to clean the floor. The main thing to remember is that the content you choose has to be cared for over time. Various products may include some cleaning procedures, may be rigid, and many special items may be required to be purchased. Fortunately, there is a protective wear layer in laminate which actually keeps its dirt and debris away from its surface, whenever you feel that it is proper, clean it
    • Prices are quite similar to the prices of ceramic tiles. Floating floors are not directly mounted on any existing screw or floor: they are slightly elevated. Coating very wet surfaces – they are not in direct contact with moisture, they do not develop forms. They are used on rooftops without a suitable slope to prevent stagnation in rain water and all wet surfaces: grass, poolside, ground. Raw solid floor covering electric wires. Due to not being directly in contact with moisture, long time without being spoiled.

    Which are the best Vacuums for Laminate Floors?

    There are multiple vacuums that you can use for your laminate floors such as Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional, Bissell PowerEdge Bagless Cleaner and iRobot Roomba 650 Robot etc. You need to check best vaccums for laminate floors if you want to explore more on this.

    : *Ways to shine your laminate floor*

    By households == this is one of the cheapest & leat time consuming process


    water- ½

    Vinegar -½

    Rubbing alcohol-½

    Mix them in a spray bottle with its working nozzle

            vaccum==Before using the liquid cleaner, you want to take out the dirt and dust from the floor. Remember that laminate flooring is of wood and their shiny surface can easily scratch them – so beware of the type of vacuum cleaner you use. Get a hard floor attachment, so you can clear the scratch-free. If you do not have that attachment, you can always use a broom to remove the mess.

    : Preventive

    : Remedy Lives To Make Your Homemade Floor Laminate.

    Use A Floor Mat: It will catch dirt before coming to your house. Less dirt is taken inside, less time when you will need to spend cleaning. Excessive cleaning can also reduce the natural brightness of your laminate floor.

    Quickly clear all the sudden splits: Do not let the water drown in its bottom – which will often leave a permanent stain.

    Do not wax or polish on your floor: you want to avoid as much oil as possible.



    My Sunday Photo

    As part of my journey I would like to be able to take photo and good photo’s. I am currently I am the mum that is never in the photo and also only remembers to take the camera out once the moment has happened. I want this to change so I can give my family beautiful pictures to have with their memories.

    So here is my first Sunday photo, it was taken on what felt like a very autumnal (or freezing) walk.



    Mummy can we go to the park?

    As a mum of three (6 years, 23 months, 10 months), I spend time planning activities for us all to do during the weekend, the school holidays and even during school hours for my youngest two. We don’t spend a fortune as we do have a tight budget, but we do budget £20 a month to enjoy on an activity or a few small ones. We also this year saved for Merlin passes which we used so much over the summer. But ask my children any day of the week what they WANT to do and the always say ‘Mummy can we go to the park?’.


    It’s funny as even when we take a trip to somewhere for example a castle or an aquarium, the first thing my 6 year old will say is ‘Is there a park?’. If you also ask him what was the best part of today he will say ‘THE PARK’.


    I just think it is worth remembering, as it really shows you don’t need money to make your children happy. You don’t need theme parks, aquariums or cinemas to make them happy, don’t get me wrong it will not stop me planning fun and educational trips where I can but I certainly won’t feel guilty if I don’t. As I know I am about to put on my coat and boots and head out the door to watch my children smile come rain or shine.