October Challenge – Sell Everything – Week 3

If you have missed the start of my October Challenge click on the links below:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

This week has been a lot more productive and I have got a total of 13 pieces up for sale. Only 11 items ended bidding today (9 sold) so the others will finish in the next few days but I am very happy with this. The other two will sell as they have been bid on but they do have a few more days.

Sold this week £67

Made so far £134

Next week

I want to get them last few items up for sale and one of them is a pushchair. I would like to have this up by Friday as I would like it picked up by the end of the month if someone does buy it. I have a few items of clothes and a couple of larger cost items to put up. I also re-listed the two that did not sell, I have put them on for slightly less as I would be happy for them to just cover fees for all the others rather than them go unsold.

Here is to the final week of selling


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