October Challenge – Sell Everything – Week 1

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that this month’s challenge is to sell everything. I have been on a fairly large de-clutter over the last 6 months and would put things aside to sell. However, I have never got around to selling anything. We now have a few projects we want to complete around the house and the budget is not going to stretch to cover them so I am going to finally sell it all and raise the money we need.

Week 1

This week so far, I have added 5 items to eBay and have another 5 ready with photos that will be up before the week ends. I have a few pieces that I want to clean up further before I take photos, this will be done at the weekend. Hopefully by next week some of these items will have sold and I can update on the money I have made. One item to update is that at the very end of September I did sell books to We buy Books and made £31 this will be added to this running total.

Made so far £31

Next week

I will have the 5 with photos up for sale, I will also look to take photos of all other items (approx. 30 items) and where possible get more items up for sale in either selling groups or eBay.


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