What if you lived without your daily cup of coffee?

I am not talking about the morning coffee, that coffee you don’t function or leave the house before you’ve had. I am not crazy! I am talking about that second or third cup you buy when you are on the way to/at work or are out.

According to thinkmoney.co.uk a medium Costa Coffee Latte is £2.45 and those who treat themselves to 15 to 20 times a month spend £580 per year. Now if we are honest that maybe still and under-estimate for some as there are the trips with friends or partners and and the trips that you buy a blueberry muffin or a pain au chocolat (we all do it).

£580 maybe a credit card you have left to pay off, it maybe that little bit more you need to finally get a nice but used car or it maybe that little camping get away you thought you couldn’t afford. £580 may not seem a huge amount to most but if it is the difference between in debt or debt free then that truly is life changing money.

I am not writing this post to lecture anyone who spends money on coffee we all have our choices. I write this as I am one of those people that spends way to much on latte no matter how nice they are and seeing it written down may help you as much as it will help me.

Here is my tip, this is currently helping me cut down on my visits to the coffee shop. Look for a coffee you love that you can buy in the supermarket it maybe more than you usually pay but that maybe why you are always rushing out to buy better coffee elsewhere. Simple really!



A coffee a day may just be keeping your dreams away.


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